This trans-border trail connects with each other places related to the birth and history of the oil industry. Its main axis: Jaslo-Krosno-Sanok-Lesko-Ustrzyki Dolne-Sambor-Boryslaw-Drohobycz-Lwow is enriched by loops for foot and bicycle tourism. In the second half of the XIX century, this Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia experienced the oil rush. Traces of fortunes of entrepreneurs as well as the first oil mining and processing machinery and equipment can be found all along the trail which also carries with itself traces of work of Ignacy Lukasiewicz – inventor of a kerosene lamp to gleam for the first time in a Lwow hospital in 1853. In 1854 Lukasiewicz started in Bobrka near Krosno the first in the world oil mine as well as distillery and refinery in Ulaszowice, Chorkowka and Polanka.

Numerous oil wells started to grow quickly in the neighbourhood of Sanok, Lesko and Ustrzyki Dolne. However the most important center of the so called “Galician Texas” was oil-field near Boryslaw and Drohobycz which significantly influenced development of this region. The trail runs through skansens ( or open air museums ) and museums in which expositions devoted to the history of oil industry are held. It also runs through places where in still active oil mines one can see preserved old machinery and equipment used in oil exploration. Depleting of oil fields, modernization of the mining processes and structural reorganization of oil and gas exploration industry may cause in the near future that the trail may become the only visible trace of the birth of the oil industry in this region. The oil industry related historical structures present themselves nicely with beautiful, colourful scenery in the background along the entire route of the trail determined by unique natural resources, non-religious and sacral relics of intermingled cultures testifying about cultural heritage and complex history of the region.

Partners in this project:

* Polish part:

The Town of Krosno, The County of Bieszczady, The County of Jaslo, The County of Krosno, The County of Lesko, The County of Sanok

* Ukrainian part:

The Town of Boryslav, The Region of Sambor, The Region of Drohobytch