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The Local Tourism Organisation
" Beskid Niski"
38-400 Krosno, ul. Rynek 5

Our primary aim is to promote the Lower Beskid as a land of historical and natural tourist attractions and to initiate undertakings vital for tourism development in this region. Our association consists of: self-governments, tourist agencies as well as tourist organizations, business organizations, agents of tourist attractions, hotel owners, farm tourism and natural people from the Counties of Krosno and Sanok.


  Do najważniejszych produktów turystycznych utworzonych i wypromowanych przez nasze stowarzyszenie należ±: (kliknij na link aby zobaczyć więcej informacji)  
The International Tourist Trail In the footsteps of Alexander Fredro: the route is 350 km long; lots of accompanying events
The Petroleum Trail: starts in Harklowa near Jaslo and ends is Lwov ; enhanced with circular routes used for walking or cycling; awarded by the Polish Tourism Organization with "The Tourism Product of the Year 2005 Certificate”
The Papal Trail: in the Lower Beskid; 100 km long route
Museums of Beskid: trans-border cycling trail

We organize study tours for the representatives of travel agencies and journalists ( like the one which took place on "In the Footsteps of Alexander Fredro" trail in 2004; another study tour is planned for 2006 on "The Petroleum Trail"). We have organized and held several tourism training and workshop sessions and in the near future we intend to continue training aimed at increasing the quality of services.

Our Publications:
- the brochure promoting LTO Lower Beskid
- the brochure promoting "Trail of Sub-Carpathian Temples"
- the folder entitled "Welcome to the Lower Beskid "
- the tourist information brochure LTO Lower Beskid
- the A6 format leaflets on 19 attractions of the Lower Beskid
- the folder entitled "In the Footsteps of Alexander Fredro"
- the folder entitled "The Petroleum Trail"
- the promotional film entitled "The Petroleum Trail" awarded a special distinction during the International Tourism Film Festival TOUR FILM 2005 in Poznan
Also, the information about LTO Lower Beskid has been printed in the tourist map of the Sub-Carpathian Province, in the guides published by TOSR ( Tourist Organization of the Sub-Carpathian Region ) and the government of the Sub-Carpathian Province; promotion is also run with the usage of the industry and local media ( articles, documentaries and interviews ).
LTO Lower Beskid does not employ paid workers; means for its activity come from the membership fees, donations and subsidies ( including funds from The European Union) which are needed for carrying out various projects